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BMJ Future Health

Year-round webinars and podcasts
Live event: 19 - 20 November 2024 | Kings Place, London

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Shaping the future of health together, through innovation and technology


Year round series of webinars, listen on demand or sign up to the upcoming ones.

November event

Face-to-face event taking place on 19 and 20 November in London.

Call for problems

Call for problems are now open, find out what you need to submit yours now!

Welcome to BMJ Future Health. Join patients, healthcare professionals, academics and industry partners to share knowledge, best practices, and the latest evidence. 

Attend our in-person event in London on 19 - 20 November and sign up for our free webinars to learn how we can collaboratively use shared experiences to drive change.


Our aim is clear: to focus on real problems, and learn together.

BMJ are looking to the future of health and to achieving equitable, sustainable and efficient systems that support a healthier population. How can innovative approaches and digital solutions address problems and radically improve health and care for all. 

Join us for year-round content through events, webinars, podcasts, and more for continuous learning and collaboration.

On 19 - 20 November, we will gather for our inaugural event to share challenges, hear from experts and exchange ideas.

BMJ Future Health believe in solving problems and improving health care together through digital technologies. Share your health and care problems with us; if selected, your problem will be showcased at our event, where you can receive expert feedback and insights from fellow delegates. .

Find out more about our call for problems

Join us to:


Gain skills and capabilities to thrive in new digital settings, drive innovation and lead on transformations. Webinars, workshops and masterclasses provide practical learning opportunities.


Generate new ideas, processes, pathways together. Unpicking success and hurdles that others have overcome. We will share and learn together by hearing real experiences.


Be inspired by new ideas and leaders in this space, hear the latest advancements, research and future focused thinking.


Expand your professional network and meet the community in person at our conference in London this November.

We commit to the following principles:

Innovation for an efficient future

Innovation that revolutionises processes by optimising them digitally, making them faster and more economical.

Innovation for an equitable future

Innovation aimed at reducing health inequalities.

Innovation for a sustainable future

Innovation that prioritises carbon emissions and environmental impact, striving for a net zero footprint.

Innovation for our people

Innovation designed to empower you and your team, alleviate burdens and enhance patient outcomes.

The advisory committee plays a crucial role in shaping every aspect of our community